Siri Vs S Voice: Which one is better?

It is safe to say that iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy SIII are the most talked about smartphones on the planet. A lot of people would tell you that these two are also the best phones, even though I firmly believe HTC One X is better than both of them, that is for another discussion. However, the main selling point of both these smart phones has been the integration of a voice assistant. iPhone 4S has Siri on board which is by far the most loved assistant while Samsung has tied up with Vlingo for S-Voice, their own voice assistant. Wherever Samsung and Apple are concerned there is always a debate as to which one of the two is better, so why not test which of these two assistants is better and faster. Jon Rettinger at TechnoBuffalo put both these assistants head to head, and here is what happened.

So it seems like Siri performed way better than S-Voice in terms of picking the results out quicker and also understanding a typical American Accent. However, we will still give S-Voice sometime and see what sort of updates come on board. Because that is the best thing with Android, you know some third party developer will make improvements. As for Siri, we have already heard Tim Cook say that it is one of the most important products in the line of Apple and they are working very hard to improve its features and make it do a lot more.

Which of these two assistants do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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