SkullCandy Announces a new range of Headphones specifically designed for women

The pioneers in the audio technology, SkullCandy have announced a new line of headphones that are specifically designed keeping in mind the women audience. Skullcandy has made a lot of name for itself in the recent years for its unisex headphones but this move is fairly significant as it is for the first time that we have seen a headphone manufacturer talk about a product that is centric to one gender.

SkullCandy Women range

Skullcandy argues that the design language for women and men are entirely different given that women have softer and a more delicate ear. These headphones are specifically engineered, designed and colored keeping in mind the requirement for the women. Some of the acoustic as well as fitness studies regarding women that SkullCandy did have shown some interesting results, they are summarised as below as send to us by the PR:

Acoustic Studies

· Women’s hearing is more sensitive than men’s at higher frequencies. Harsh highs will bother them before men.

· Women can hear background noise at 10x lower volume than men.

· Women experience tension more often in music than men.
Fitness Studies

· Women on average have smaller heads and ears than men.

· Women are more sensitive to higher clamping pressures.

· Women have smaller ear canals than men.

As a result of this study, the new skullcandy range for women is engineered in a way to provide comfortable fit as well as a great audio experience for the one using them. The range basically includes three different ranges, called, KnockOut- an over the ear headphone, bombshell- in ear fix technology and Dime which are in ear bud type of headphones. In terms of pricing, the KnockOut will set you back by Rs 6,999, the Bombshell are priced at Rs 3,499 and the Dime will cost you Rs 2,299.

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