Skullcandy Introduces a new Sports Line of Headphones with Stickygels Technology for Fitness Freaks

If you have ever worked out with your inear headphones, you must have noticed the annoyance of them coming off at several intervals of time, either due to the moisture of the sweat or plain simply because they could not keep up with all the movement. A good pair of headphones is definitely an important piece of accessory for fitness freaks.


Skullcandy, one of the best known manufacturers of headphones, has introduced a new line of earphones which they are calling, the ‘Sport Line’. The line is meant for those who cannot give up on their music even while working out or playing light sports. The headphones come with stickygel technology in the earbud which helps the earbuds to not fall off. Skullcandy says that these headphones are at least 30% of an improvement over your average headphones when it comes to securing the headphones to your ears. There are two pairs of headphones in the line, called the Chops Bud and Method. The Chops Bud essentially have a plastic extension that go around your ear in order to secure the headphones while the methods are basically plain in ear types with added microphone.

The Method line of earphones will be available for Rs 2,499 while the Chops Buds will start to retail at Rs 1,299. You can pick up the headphones already from your nearest Skullcandy retailers.

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