SkyDrive For Android Finally Arrives

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s form of Cloud based service just like Google has Google Drive on offer. Recently, we saw plenty of services from Microsoft get a face lift. First it was Outlook and then it was SkyDrive on web that was integrated to go with the whole Metro UI theme. It was at that time when Microsoft also promised it’s users that an Android application for the popular cloud based service would be launched and seems like Microsoft has kept it’s word. For those who are unfamiliar, Microsoft so far just had a Hotmail Email client in the market place and given the fact that Microsoft is working on it’s new Mobile OS called Windows Phone 8, it seemed bleak that they would work on Android Applications. However, they have and that’s a good news.

The application is pleasing to the eye and the UI is extremely easy to use and looks very clean. Just like the iOS and Windows Phone 7.5 application for SkyDrive the Android application also lets you view and edit the applications stored on skydrive. You can also check out the files that people have shared with you. The recently opened files also can be viewed. The application also lets you upload files from your phone to skydrive account. However, the only drawback that we felt was that you need to run Android 2.3+ on your device to be able to use this application.

The main advantage of using this application over something like Dropbox and maybe even Google Drive is that it gives you a storage of 7GB as compared to 5GB that these apps offer for free. The up gradation also seems slightly cheaper as compared to other applications. It is available to be downloaded from Play Store. Here is the link.

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