Skynet is a Beautiful and a Unique Messaging App for Desktops

We are sure it has happened with you where you are sat on your system collaborating with your team and immediately need to drop a message to a member with a relevant screenshot. As a product developer, this is a situation that we have faced often and while plenty of clients like Hangouts, Slack or even Telegram allow for IM and file sharing, none of them are specifically very pretty. This is where Skynet comes into the picture.


It is a lightweight application that stays on your Mac, where you can using the application take screenshots as well as send them in to your friends with messages too. The entire interface is extremely pretty, simple and largely minimalistic.

Skynet is well integrated with hangouts, so you will not miss out on time with your friends who are on Hangouts, and you also have the ability to go ahead and add friends yourself on the application. You can also send in videos, large files via the app. The app supports groups as well as planned conversations which is a great feature to have especially when the app is all about collaboration. Skynet is available both for Mac and Windows, though the Windows version is still very much in Apha. The major downside obviously is that the service is not on mobile yet, so if you are looking to catch up on your Skynet messages on phone, you will not be able to do that.

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