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Skype alongside Facetime are the two most popular services when it comes to Video calling. However, while Facetime is iOS exclusive, Skype is a little more cross platform, allowing you to make calls directly from your Android, iOS or even Windows Phone device as well as from your desktop. However, this is the age of Web apps where all you need to do is sign into your browser and you have your apps right there. This is particularly helpful for those who like to work remotely as well as those who do not like carrying their personal computers and would much rather use a public computer.

skype for desktop

If you are also one of them, then Skype has made your life a lot easier. Skype is now finally rolling out Web Based Skype calling Just by simply logging into Outlook you would be able to make Skype calls using the native Camera and the Microphone installed on your computer. This would at least help save those few precious MBs that go into installing the Skype application on your computer. This would also allow you to Skype if you have an OS for which Skype official client does not exist.

You will have to install a plug in for the browser that would bridge the gap between the website and your Skype account. You will be automatically prompted to install this plug in when you pair your Skype and Outlook accounts, which would work with latest versions of IE, Chrome and Firefox.

The service would roll out today in the UK and US and Germany will follow in coming weeks. However, the service is very much a test only right now, so you can expect a few glitches here and there.

Via: Gizmodo

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