Sleepwake is an App to Warn you if you are too sleepy to Drive

There are several accidents that happen on the road where the driver either just fell asleep or was too groggy to begin with when driving. While a lot of steps and moves have been taken to avoid people from drinking and driving, the fact that a lot of drivers doze off causing casualties has been ignored. One application that is trying to change this and make a difference is called Sleepwake.


Sleepwake is a simple application for your Android Wear as well as in the works for the Apple Watch, which alerts you if the app finds out that you are too sleepy or groggy to drive your way around. The way the app works is that it measures your heart beat rate as well as maps your movements around to be able to tell whether you are sleepy or not. The in details working of the application is:

SleepWake tracks your movements and heart rate patterns to realize when you starts to get sleepy, it then increases the number of reading times to cover more often. On the other hand, it scales down monitoring sessions when you just wake up after a good sleep. By intelligently triggering sensors at the right times only, SleepWake conserves the watch battery. A fully-charged watch can usually run a whole day long with SleepWake running in the background.

It is obvious that the app would only work with watches that do have an optical heart sensor, so the users of Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live would be able to use the app. You can go ahead and download the application from Google Play Store right here.

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