SlideScreen Pro is an Awesome Home Launcher For Android

Slidescreen pro as a home replacement launcher is a clear example of how flexible an open source OS like Android can be. On a stock or manufacturer supplied custom home skin like sense or touchwiz, bringing all your information on the home screen can be tricky and you may end up with several screens. So this is a wonderful way to make things extremely simplistic for you.

Slidescreen pro was designed keeping this in mind. A launcher kept to the bare minimal, it brings all the information right at your thumb. Similar to the WP7 metro, slidescreen pro is a service centric launcher. After installing you go through a small tutorial, where you can configure your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Stocks accounts, finishing with the setup.

The centre of the screen is a slider that serves various tasks. It displays Time, Weather, Battery and Network. It doubles as a slider for bringing up specific information. On sliding up your Facebook, Twitter notifications or Google Reader News is brought up and one can jump to the task directly from there. The bars above the slider include notifications for phone, messaging, your android Gmail Account and Google Calendar. And there’s more to it, to the right side on the bars, tapping the icon takes one to the application selected. Scrolling the slider up or down hides the empty bars.

The App drawer activates on pressing the menu button. Its rather simple, a 4X2 grid at the top for shortcuts and apps below it.

The Good About this Launcher :

1. Simple and innovative

2. Tutorial is exhaustive

3. Service centric. The information comes to you, you don’t go to it.

4. Intelligent coding. Very smooth and fluidic transitions.

The Bad About this Launcher:

1. Not much to customize.

2. Only supports 1 Gmail account, the one logged into your Android phone

3. Cannot send tweets from the launcher, have to have twedroid.

4. Can take some time getting used to.

So that was a very quick introduction to this wonderful Home Launcher for your Android device. Do let us know if you liked this launcher and if you have any other suggestions for useful home replacements.

You can download this launcher by a simple Google search, since it is not available on the Android Market, we will avoid giving out any links.

Valuable inputs were given by Mr. Ankur Jangra for this post. Blogtechnika would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for all his efforts. 

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