Slim Cleaner v1.8 is a Better Alternative to Ccleaner

Slim Cleaner is a Windows cleaner for optimizing PC performance. It combines all the essential tools for cleaning a PC with its stream of real-time community feedback function and recommendations from the cloud. Using its cloud function, users can rate applications on their PC’s and provide comments on the features and functions of those applications. Also I’d never mind to add it in my top 10 must have Windows 7 tools list.

Download and install the tool on your computer. On first run, you’ll see a nice looking program’s interface. There are several tabs preset on a left. When you click on any tab (cleaner, optimizer, uninstaller, browser, hijack log, shredder), it will show options related to it on right.

The easy-to-use interface lets you select each and every action that the application must perform so as to not create any problems in future. For ex. when yo select cleaning option on left, you’ll see many options on right divided into many categories. You can check or uncheck the option depends on whether you want to remove it or keep it on your computer.

The optimization option helps in cleaning unnecessary items that slow down the PC during startup. All the items are listed on the screen and a rating is provided ranging from good to unwanted depending on how important the application is during startup. The user has the option to always revert back any changes he has made using the application.

There is an uninstaller option present in the application that can easily remove any installed program in Windows. Also in the list of programs, SlimCleaner rates the programs according to the importance to the computer which makes it easier for new users to understand what programs can be removed and what should not.

The Shredder option is one handy option present inside the tool. It has different levels of shredding that the user can perform on the selected files.

If system security is high on your list, then you’ll be pleased to see that SlimCleaner added a Hijack log function which includes the ability to query selctable entries through a cloud based AV (Virus Total).

Upon testing this feature, the results returned within a few seconds, and indicated that the selected start-up entry was clean.

Overall this is a nice tool to optimize the performance of your PC by removing unnecessary files. Also its nice looking interface is cherry on a cake.

Download Slim Cleaner.

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