Smaller Galaxy S III Mini Coming on October 11th?

Samsung have been hugely successful with their latest range of devices. The Galaxy S III was a run away success and seems like even the Note II would be following the path of it’s predecessor. However, one thing that we have come to associate with Samsung is the fact they do not like to sit and watch the market, there is always a new launch just around the corner as far as Samsung is concerned. And it seems like we may not be too far away from one more coming up soon. And this time what may be on offer, is a device that could well win the mid range market for Samsung. They have always been leading player with the mid price market with devices such as Ace and other variants of Galaxy range of products like Galaxy R, but this promises to top them all off.


According to some International blogs, they have received an invite for the event that is to take place on 11th of October, and the agenda seems to be translated as something small is about to come that would have a big impact. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that it is signalling the arrival of the Galaxy SIII mini. The device is said to be mini, because it is like a little brother to the popular SIII. The phone may run a smaller, 4 inch screen, a dual core processor and a 5 MP shooter.

The event seems to be scheduled in Frankfurt in Germany, and whether the device will be launched worldwide, is anybody’s guess so far. What are your views on such a device? Do let us know.

via: Androidguys

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