Smart Screen On Lets You Lock Your Android Screen Using Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors are thing we all are very well aware of on our smart phones. They are small circular sensors located on top of your device right next to the ear piece. The sensor is responsible for various things such as switching the display off when you are on call and conserve battery or even for automatic back lighting which is responsible for adjusting the display brightness to suit your location. However, finally a developer has come up with a new use of the proximity sensor. We are talking of the application Smart Screen On.

The useful application is developed by the XDA developer DDeleted and lets you use the proximity sensor to turn your display of the smartphone off. It is extremely handy for those who do not wish to use the power button every time or have faulty power on/off buttons onboard. The application is extremely simple to use, all you have to do is tap or wave across the proximity sensor of your device and the phone would lock the screen. this is extremely handy for phones that have big screens such as the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note or even the Galaxy SIII. You have a bunch of settings that can be customized whether the phone reads the tap or just the wave. You can also configure whether the application should be started right when the device is booted up or you wish to do it only when you wish to.

The only exceptional device to this application so far is the HTC Desire HD ecause the proximity sensor according to the developer does not work how it should. So if you are using the Desire HD hard luck. The application does have a lite version too on the play store but we highly recommend you to pay the premium amount which is just above $1 since it’s totally worth it.

You can download the app here on the play store and if you feel this application is awesome like we do, head over to XDA and say a thanks to the developer here.

Via: XDA


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