Smart Unlock can Byepass Lockscreen Security when Connected to Trusted Wifi

Lollipop has brought in several interesting new features and the ability to bypass the lockscreen security when in the vicinity of trusted devices such as your Android Wear or even your home or office Wifi. This feature basically works when the API of the lockscreen detects the connection, and if it is a trusted source, it would bypass the security pattern you have set on your device, allowing you to quickly unlock the phone and safely too.

smart unlock

However, the sad thing about the feature is that is available only on Android 5.0 which is available on only very few devices.

The way out for that is an application called Smart Unlock that basically does exactly what the lockscreen does by default on Android L. You can also unlock the device using your NFC tag using the application.The application requires you to have Android 4.1 and above running on your smartphone, and therefore will work on most of the smartphones that have been purchased in the last year or so.

The application is a paid app on Google Play though there is an exclusive version of the application that is available for XDA members and community that can be downloaded and checked out from right here.

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