Smartphones: Where They Stand On The Basis Of Market Share

The other day I was out for a movie with friends. We were having an amazing time and then a debate happened, a debate which had nothing but wrong facts in it. Also it ruined the evening as there were bitter and sarcastic comments between good friends on a petty issue or an issue which I thought to be petty.

Which is the best Operating system, this was the topic. What we need to realize is, that in todays world, there is just one theory, TO EACH HIS OWN.

But one thing which can be said with conformity is the number of handsets sold. The sales can be estimated and they always are. So if one needs to go by the ‘facts’, the one with sales figures involved,then they are studied by technology researchers such as gartner and comscore etc.

Following is a pie chart representing market share of various smartphone operating systems

Source: Comscore(November 2011)

The above figure is self explanatory. With Google(Android) topping the list.

The survey was conducted in September 2011, in US alone, so the pie chart is just a representation of the users in USA.

Plus, just the market share is not enough in judging a smartphone. Just an example, apple has just one smartphone is the market, the Iphone, Whereas android has numerous handsets.
Yet the market share tells us how many companies are opting for a particular operating system. Like I said, TO EACH HIS OWN, the race for the spot will always be on.

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