SmartSync: Best Application To Sync Facebook Friend’s Information

I’ve was on a search spree to look for an application which synchronizes my contacts on the phone with the Facebook friends. It was all in vain, until I found this application named SmartSync.


SmartSync for Facebook keeps your iPhone contacts up to date with the latest profile pictures and information from Facebook (birthdays, current address, company & job title). In just a few minutes of setup one is able to view your contacts latest profile picture when they call you and when you call them!
This is the ultimate application for syncing contacts with facebook because it does not require your contact names to exactly match with the ones on facebook. If you’ve saved a name with the first name only then this application will automatically match the possible entries and give you an option to choose from the shortlisted friend contacts from facebook. This is the only feature that’s makes it stand apart from any application in the market.


· View contacts profile pictures from Facebook when they call you and when you call them.

· Complete your contacts information with missing data from Facebook (birthdays, current address, and company & job title).

· Birthday list – all contacts birthdays in one convenient place and it syncs the birthdays to the also.

· Smart matching algorithm automatically finds the matching Facebook friend for each contact.

· Data protection – It will not overwrite your existing contact pictures or information, only does when we roger that.

· Easy conflict resolving with best match suggestions.

· Visual contact list with Facebook integration – Access your friends profiles or send them messages with a tap of a finger.

· Option to fix contacts names with the correct names from Facebook.

If you use Facebook then you are going to love this application.

This application is available in the app store for $0.99 but if you’re jailbroken then you can download it for free via installous.

If you know any other easy to use sync applications please let us know. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. I used to use SmatSync for over a year or so, and it always works for me smothly and troubleless. But two weeks ago, I guess, it repleced all the photos for my facebook friends for their firsth profil picture and not for the current photo as it suppose to do. I tryed removing and installing again the app with no possitive result. So I had to star using a new app (AllSync) for that matter, however I prefer SmartSync, despite the other one not only sync your contacts wiht faceebok but it does with others.

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