Smile Clock for Android makes sure you Begin your Day with a Smile

No matter how old you are, getting up in the morning can be an arduous task. Some mornings are worse than others, for example every Monday. Yet, the alarm blatantly goes off destroying your peace and forces you to get up and run the errands for the day. Its all monotonous and sad. But, there is an application which is attempting to change this.

Smile clock

Smile Clock for Android is an interesting replacement for the default alarm on your Android phone and its main aim is to wake you up with a smile, hoping that is how your day would go. The application has a couple of more features such as allowing you to pick up what would be the tune of the alarm to wake you up as well as displaying a picture of your choice on the screen to give some sort of motivation to wake up. Once you have your eyes open and have heard the alarm, you have to smile before the front facing camera of your device for the alarm to go to sleep.

The odd thing is, that the front facing camera does not always detect the smile, as a result sometimes you are forced to smile three or four times before the alarm realises you are up and happy. You too can try the app and enjoy the experience for absolutely free by downloading it from Google Play Store here.

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