Smozzy For Android: Now T Mobile Users Can Surf Internet Absolutely Free

If you live in US and using T-Mobile unlimited SMS plan then here is a mind boggling news for you. You can access website absolutely free. No need of any data plan. The engineering behind this miracle is there is an app called Smozzy that sends a web  request to Smozzy’s server via SMS. Now the server pass this request to the other servers forwards the request, downloads the web page you’re trying to visit, and then sends it to your phone as MMS messages.


The technology sounds simple but in actual it is bit complicated. When you request for a web page, it simply sends URL in a form of SMS. If cookie data needs to be send then it uses multiple SMS to send data to Smozzy’s server. Now Smozzy server sends real request to a web server. Web server sends data to Smoozy server again. Now all the web page information (HTML, images, CSS) are zipped up and compressed and then encoded into image file. Now the PNG file is send to the mobile phone via MMS. On your mobile phone the process reverse takes place and you’ll get a full fledged web page on your screen.

Mobile —-> Smozzy Server —-> Web Server —-> Smozzy Server —–> Mobile.

This process is not so fast and your mobile web browser takes some time (approx 10 sec) to open a page. Also your data is not encrypted so it is not consider to be safe so don’t try to give your banking password to access the web page free. Overall it’s a nice application for reading news and important web pages free of cost.

Download Smozzy for Android.

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