SMS To Text Converts and Saves Your Text SMS in Text File

More often than not we love our texts and it’s probably one the last things we like to dump from our phone. At one of the rare counting, I had about 16,000 odd texts in my inbox and neither of them were worth being deleting, because honestly I could barely go through all of them. If you are also in a dire need of backing your texts and not leave them just in the inbox and don’t want to convert them into a funny backup extension, which you do not know how to retrieve, then there is a good solution for you.


The application that would save you all the hassles and simply convert all your texts to a simple .txt file and save it in your SD card or Flash memory is SMS To Text. It is a really useful application and how it is primarily different to a million other text back-ups is that it does not convert your texts into any encrypted thing but keeps them in a normal .txt word pad readable file. The UI for the application is really simple and not fancy at all, and you do not have to be any sort of an expert to be able to use it. In fact during just your first visit to the app you would get the hang of it.


There is nothing more to this application though, and it has only some customizations, for example, you can save texts only from certain contacts plus, you can sort them in the way you wish to or even the type of file backup. The application is available for free in the market place and that just adds to the attraction, so go ahead and grab the copy and add to the list of your Apps on Android Device. Check out SMS To Text.

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  1. Hello,

    I have china TECHNO T390 phone. I want to access SMS content from it to convert in word file and to store in PC.



    Rajendra Sharma

  2. i had stored around 5000 sms in my nokia e71 …in my folder section in memory card…wen i changed my handset to another nokia e5…on tranfering the card the sms got vanished….they are still in card i feel…but cant restore them…please help…

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