Snapchat Adds a new Discover Feature giving Brands an Opportunity to Push Content

If you asked any teenager between the age of 17 and 21, which application he uses the most, there is a fat chance it will be Snapchat. Given the disposable nature of the platform, teenagers are very comfortable with the platform for the harmless fun element of it. It is due to this wide range of audience that is already on Snapchat why several of the major brands such as Lacoste and Pepsi have started gradually utilizing the platform for digital marketing opportunities.


Snapchat to their credit, seems to want to embrace this and has added a brand new Discover section which is visible just on the left swipe of the Stories section of your contacts. The Discover section is pre-fed with brands that are active and currently has the likes of Daily Mail, CNN, MTV, National Geographic, Cosmo and Snapchat itself. These brands will produce content once every 24 hours in the form of stills, videos as well as long form. The content will play in full screen.

Once you are in the section, you will have to swipe to the left to see more content and swipe down to return to the Discover screen from where you can select another channel. We are sure more channels will be added to the current list and it would be interesting to see where Snapchat will take this feature and how many more brands will get activated with this sort of content and viewership on offer.

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