Snapchat will Now Allow Users to Send Money to Each Other

Ask any teenager, which are his top 5 favorite applications, and chances are Snapchat will figure in there somewhere on that list. The self-destructing image sharing application has become a mainstay as users attempt to share across selfies, pictures of food or picture of anything else they find with their friends, without having to worry about the image being saved.


To Snapchat’s credit, they have always added new features and kept the application fresh. We had features like Stories and videos that came in recently and now the application allows users to go ahead and send money to your friends and family members who are added on Snapchat. The entire process of sharing money via Snapchat is extremely simple and all you really need to do is to enter your debit card details and from there onwards you can just enter the amount you wish to share with your friends for instant money transfer. The service currently is available only in the US for those who are 18 and above. The money sharing part of the story will be handled by Square in partnership with Snapchat.

Here is a video below that Snapchat has released to give you a bit of an idea on how the service works and why is it a joy to use the same when you need to quickly transfer money.

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