Snapdragon S4 Thermal Comparison

We all face the heating issue, be it on our smartphones, tablets or even the laptops. However, wih the new processors on market, one thing we are seeing is that a deliberate effort is being made to reduce this heating problem. We saw some of the most amazing devices such as Galaxy Nexus get extremely hot or even the new iPad which is reported to become extremely hot with contineous usage. The Snapdragon S4 is probably one of the most advanced processors out there, so how does it stack up on a heat test. What exactly are we doing here? Lets find out.

“Today’s high-end smartphones and tablets are capable of doing many intensive computing tasks, such as 3D gaming, shooting HD video, and editing photos. The more demanding these tasks, the harder the powerful processor works. That can result in excessive heat, which can result in lower performance and reliability issues. Over time, excessive heat can also be damaging to components, especially the battery. The hotter a device gets, the more it degrades battery capacity. To combat this, Snapdragon S4 processors are specially designed to keep their cool. Watch this video to see a Snapdragon thermal comparison and our new Butter Benchmark.”

You can know all that you want to know about Snapdragon’s new processor here

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