Snapseed: Craft Your Images On Your iPad/iPhone

Snapseed is an intuitive and fun photo editing app for iOS which offers numerous useful image adjustments, as well as high-quality photography effects. Snapseed has quickly topped the iTunes App Store sales charts after its release and for good reason. It is awesome. It is a product of Nik Software, which has long been in the business of creating quality photography plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom etc.

It has excellent in-app help and intuitive controls making it very easy to learn and use. It uses a very cool thing called a “control point” which you can insert anywhere into a photo and which allows you to make changes just within that area – it’s very cool.
User interface works in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Snapseed is a powerful editing tool. The adjustments include:
Auto correct, selective adjust, tune image, straighten and rotate, crop while Filters include Black & white, vintage films, drama, grunge, center focus, organic frames.

Within each selection there are more controls for multiple variations and even presets giving the user ample variety and choice to select from. You can choose the enhancement by sliding your finger up and down. Control the amount of adjustment by sliding left and right. All edits are shown as you make them making it easier to work on a picture. The compare button is a fantastic and quite effective way to quickly see the ‘before’ version of your edited photo and compare it with the current one. It gives you the idea as to how much your image has changed.

In-app overlay diagrams provide at-a-glance tips, and video tutorials are also provided. You can also share edited photos by email, Flickr, and Facebook and print via AirPrint. Although Snapseed was originally released as an iPad-only app it was later incorporated for the small screen as well. Well there’s lots to explore and much more to see and relish and as you modify your images, look at them changing to something completely different- a side of the picture you never knew existed.

For me, with this app it’s literally ‘more than meets the eye’. If you come across other cool photo editing apps feel free to share it with us. Also if you have any issues regarding the usage we would be happy to help.

Here is the link to the application: App store

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