Snooze Pages and Reopen Them Later with Page Snooze

If you are the one who use to open several web pages at a time and not happy with all the clutter on your Chrome web browser then Page Snooze extension is for you. This extension keeps the webpage temporarily for few days so that you can view that page later if you want.

By using this extension you can easily close the webpage without remembering the URL of that page. If you want to view web page later, simply go to Snoozed links page and check all the pages you saved.

page snooze


To install the extension on your Chrome browser, go to the link below and click on “Add to Chrome”. An icon next to the address bar will appear which displays number of snoozed links.

If you have many tabs open and would like to hide some unused tabs temporarily so that you can view them later on, just go to the tab that you want to snooze and click on the Page Snooze icon. Do this for all the pages you want to hide or snooze temporarily. They will all be stored in a list in the options menu of the Page Snooze extension. These pages are stored for a maximum of 1 week after which they will be discarded or removed from history.

To reopen these pages, right click on the Page Snooze icon and click on Manage extensions. Click on “Options” under Page Snooze. You will then see the list of webpages that you had snoozed earlier. Simply click on a webpage link to view that page again. Or if you want to remove them from this list, cross them off manually or just click on Clear All.

Check out Page Snooze.

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