Solve Boolean and Logic Design equations with Simple Solver

Simple Solver is a small, light weight tool that makes solving complex Boolean, Logic design or even Permutation equations easier and more fun. This tool will come in handy for all those engineers out there who are having trouble with circuits.

simple solver

There are 5 main topics which this tool can cover:

1. Boolean

2. Logic Design Draw

3. Logic design auto

4. Logic simulator

5. Permutation generator

6. Random number generator

All these topics are covered by the software in much detail and is made possible by many years of research. So this software can be used for both educational as well as industrial purposes.

The software also contains a list of examples to help you get started on how to use the software. The process is simple enough. Just input your equation values in the blue box at the top and click on Go. The solution is generated in the white box .

If you want to go for a different solver then just select one from the top right section of your window. Each tool contains a different help file to help you understand the software better and make use of it in the best possible way.

Download Simple Solver.

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