Solve Mathematics Equations with PhotoMath on iPhone

We have all dreaded equations in high school, unless a maths genius. Be it complicated fractions or linear equation or inequation, we have all messed up at least once, wishing there was somebody out there to help us get this done without a problem. This is exactly what a new application on iOS 8 called, PhotoMath does. Photomath is a free to download app that works perfectly with your iPhone and helps you solve out linear equations as well as fractions. You need to have the equation written on the paper to solve them out.


All you need to do is fire the application up and have the paper with the equation right before the camera and focus on the equation. The application will detect the writing and will give you the solution after calculating. It is recommended to have the application written in pen rather than reading off a computer as that tends to take more time for recognition. The application also gives you an option to see the steps it took in solving the equation, in case you need to know that too. You can also see the problems that you have solved using the application, as they are automatically stored within the application.

Overall, the whole process is really swift and it is an application that every school going or even college going student who deals with even basic mathematics must have on their device.

You can download PhotoMath for free here.

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