Sony Announces Xperia Z In India At Rs. 38,900

Sony has always been a company which just like Nokia has produced premium quality products. And if you cast your minds back to the CES 2013, you would remember that one of the phones that made lots of headlines was the Sony Xperia Z. It was the first non HTC device in the market to run a full 1080 P display and seemingly an indestructible chassis and a waterproof body. However, Sony did not really put any certain day to the arrival of the device in the market, but finally in India the device was launched in the capital city of New Delhi today i.e. March 6th for a whopping price at Rs. 38,900.


We cannot help but think that with HTC One coming soon in the market and the Galaxy S IV just about 10 days away from release, the timimng is not the very best for Sony. Even though the launch had the celebrity actor Katrina Kaif present showing off the phone, we found it very hard to get excited about this device. The reviews have not been most encouraging especially the screen quality from the European reviewers who have spent quality time with the device.

The Sony Xperia Z launched in India features a big 5 inch display with true HD at 1080 P display. The internals of the device are pretty up to dat too with 1.5 GHz quad core processor and Android 4.1 out of the box. We are definitely disappointed with the lack of Android 4.2 out of the box even though an update is scheduled. There is 2 GB of RAM on board to keep things snapping along.

The phone can be pre-ordered here from from Flipkart.

We are in no position to comment more about the device since we have not had any hands on experience with it, but check out this space as we hunt the Xperia Z down to get the feel of this latest flagship from Sony. Till then you can either send in your comments in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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