Sony Announces Xperia ZR

Sony have announced yet another smart phone. It indeed it is becoming hard keeping a track of all these alphabets behind the Xperia branding of Sony. Although the Xperia Z did not do too well in the market, Sony since has taken an alternate route and started shipping devices with some stripped down features of the Xperia Z. Xperia ZR is one such device.

Sony Xperia ZR

The ZR is in between the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL in terms of hardware and we presume the price too. The device features a 4.6 inch 720 P OLED display. The processor on board is the Snapdragon S4 Quad Core, the same chip found in the Xperia Z. There is LTE and 2 GB RAM on board to keep the overall experience on the device snappy. The Xperia ZR also features a 13 MP Camera with Exmor RS Image Sensor as well as NFC. There is a single flash LED to help you with shooting at night.

Sony is claiming the device to be waterproof and also sports a physical camera button to help you with taking shots underwater if need be. The device would be available in four different colors, Pink, Cyan, Black and White. Although the pricing and availability is not known yet, we do expect the device to cost in the early 20,000 Rupees category.

You can check out the introductory video of the device here:

Via: Sony Blog


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