Sony Ericsson Flashes Android 4.0.1 Alpha ROM

Just a few days back we showcased the official Ice-Cream Sandwich ROM Running on Samsung Galaxy S II and look what we found now. Sony is here with its own version. Earlier Sony Ericsson said that it’ll take them a long time to come up with official Ice-cream Sandwich update, but it looks like their developers are working very hard to come up with the update as soon as possible.


The developers have just released an alpha preview. Maybe it’s a move against Samsung’s ROM maybe its not. But the first company to come up with the update will definitely earn some reputation, that’ why everyone is working hard.
The video below is the demo of ICS alpha ROM for Xperia range. It will only work on Xperia Arc S, Xperia Neo V and Xperia Ray. If you’re phone is running software with build number 4.0.2.A.0.42 you can flash this with your phone but the ROM is strictly for advanced developers and will not provide everyday usage. Also the ROM is currently in alpha phase, so minor glitches are expected. You will also need to unlock the bootloader to use the ROM.

From the video we can clearly see that the UI has been tweaked and optimized. Although it still feels a bit Gingerbread. You can now control the music player from the lock screen and can dismiss the notifications with a swipe. The browser has been updated with introduction of tabbed browsing. Setting and multitasking have been updated. Although the lock screen isn’t the circular one, but we expect it to see it in the beta or final version.

Sony Ericsson has a lot of catching up to do, because Samsung is clearly ahead of them, at least in the videos. We hope the company’s custom UI doesn’t spoil the overall look of the ICS, and to better that will be a great challenge for Samsung, Sony and HTC.

[via GSMarena].

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