Sony Ericsson Will Become Sony by mid 2012, Rebranding Itself

After buying out Ericsson’s share in Sony Ericsson, Sony is all set to re brand its mobile phones. Sony plans to integrate its Smartphones, Play station, Tablets and TV’s under one hood. In order to do it they want complete control over the Smartphone range. Sony has already announced that they will be buying out Ericsson’s share in the JV and the transaction will be complete by January, however the complete re branding will take some time and we will be able to see ‘Sony’ on Smartphone by the middle of 2012.


Kristian Tear who is currently the head of sales and marketing said the following to Times of India:

“A lot of planning goes into getting the branding right but we will be done by middle of next year. It will also mean that the marketing and advertising investments will go up. We haven’t been as fierce as we were a few years back but we will step it up, refocus and invest more in brand-building in select markets and India is one of those markets.”

Sony Ericsson hasn’t been doing well in the Smartphone market, although its sales have bumped up since the company decided to part ways with Symbian OS due to losses and go with Google’s Android but they only have a 2% share in the market. While other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC are doing exceptionally well all around the world, Sony Ericsson is yet to come up with something extra ordinary.

After the re branding, Sony promises to completely focus on Smartphone and who knows maybe we can find an Xperia in every other hand just like Samsung.

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