Sony launches Defocus App for All Xperia Devices Running Android 4.2 and Above

Bokeh is definitely proving to be the most famous camera effect this year. HTC added a secondary camera on their M8 to help users capture bokeh, Samsung added a software option to their S5 to achieve this while Android release a dedicated KitKat application with Lens Blur that does something like a bokeh. Sony has now thrown its hat in the ring and has brought Defocus application for all its Android devices running KitKat 4.2 and above.


Sony’s Defocus app is available to download from Google Play for free here. The application lives within the camera application of the device, so you need to activate the Defocus mode by going into Modes. Defocus basically needs you to have the subject at about 15-45 cm and the background to be blurred at 5 m. You take the shot by activating the mode and the app does it all by itself as long as the distances are fine. You can then add a circular bokeh or a vertical or horizontal one too. You also can select the extent to which you want the background to  be blurred after taking the shot. Once you have made these two adjustments thanks to the controls, you will have to save the file as a jpeg which can be shared.

The way this app works is that, the phone takes a couple of shots with variable focal lengths and then blurs the background. The app for most parts works well but in our test shots found it struggles to differentiate between the foreground and background at the soft edges from where the effect originates, apart from that, the images look very reasonable through the app.

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