Sony Rolling out Android 4.3 Update for Xperia Z Ultra and Z1

In the days when we are talking about how tasty and chocolaty the KitKat is, the owners  of Xperia Z ultra or Z1 are frantically pressing the Check Updates menu on their devices to taste some more Jellybeans. Yes, there was a lot of sweetness in our opening line, but sorry you simply cannot help it.

xperia z1

Sony has started to roll out the update to Android version 4.3 to it’s two flagship devices, the Xperia Z ultra and Xperia Z1 today. The update comes at a time when most of the users must be expecting the update to a more recent version 4.4, but given the track record of Sony when it comes to Android updates, this is good news in itself. There are indications that the device may soon receive the update to Kitkat, as early as January next year which definitely will add to the sweetness factor.

With Android 4.3 on board, the Xperia Z ultra or Z1 should receive a major bump in the performance thanks to Project Butter as well as other optimizations and goodness of Android 4.3. Sony’s new social camera is also part of the update. There is an updated music and video app as well on board. In case you have not received the update yet, worry not, like any other Android update this is in patches too, and we are sure the update will hit your devices soon.

Via:  FoneArena

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