Sony Shows Off Water Proof Capability Of It’s Latest Devices

The latest theme started by Sony is marketing their products by the capabilities of them to withstand water. It is a unique marketing style and not a bad ploy especially given the fact that since most of these devices are aimed at emerging countries such as India. Believe it or not, it still fascinates to Indians or even Chinese how a device is water resistant and foolproof rather than the high horse power that the device packs.

When Sony announced the new range of phones and tablet at IFA, they made it a point to highlight the durability of their devices which have definitely been an issue of the past. In fact in my own experience I have seen my Xperia Arc S die down due to high moisture content in Mumbai.

So if you do not believe Sony’s word, here they took time out to demonstrate how well the device responds even under water. Anybody planning to take one of these for scuba diving? Anyway, here is the video.

Via: Technobuffalo

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