Sony Working on a Windows Phone Device?

Windows Phone 8 has largely been synonymous with the Lumia series of devices by Nokia. Despite a very sleek and smooth OS, Windows Phone has been unable to shake the strangle hold of Android and iOS in terms of numbers in the mobile market. However, a lot of it is down to the fact that apart from Nokia nobody has really taken Windows Phone 8 on board full time. You have had the odd HTC and Samsung device here and there but they have not been able to make any sort of impression really.


But looks like that story may change soon, and we could have a Sony powered Windows Phone device. The Information reports that Sony may well be in the process of working on a Windows Phone 8 and could be ready for the release as early as 2014 mid. The information reports that the story has been learnt of from a person who received the brief about the device and could therefore have been a part of important dialogues between Sony and Microsoft.

With Microsoft softening the licensing fees, the deal definitely makes sense for Sony. However, with Sony focusing solely on Android and its wearable too only supporting the Google based OS, it will take us more than just a run out of rumor to believe that Sony may well be ready to experiment with its OS in 2014.

Via: The Information

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