Sony Xperia Z Google Edition Coming Soon?

When Samsung showed off the Galaxy S IV Google Edition at Google I/O, you could not help but feel this will be a trend and plenty of other high end smart phones will follow the suite. With the announcement of the HTC One Google Edition last week, you knew this was not the last Google Edition Device either. Seems like Google now wants to give their users an option to choose a stock Android on at least the flagship  hardware of the leading OEM’s. Therefore, the news that Sony is also preparing the Xperia Z to be offered in a similar Google Edition is not surprising.


According to this report by Android Central, the device will be available directly from play Store, just like other Google Edition devices and in a very limited supply. The nexus experience will also mean the device wil get faster Android updates which so far all the Sony users have had a massive complaint against.

Although the hardware of the GE of Sony Xperia Z is expected to remain the same, there may be a few Sony exclusive software tweaks such as Bravia Engine which may not be supported on the device. Although no dates and price points have been mentioned so far, but you have to believe that this would be a very natural step for the Japanese smart phone manufacturer to gain some much needed traction in the US as well as international markets.

Via: Android Central

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