Speed Intensifier Makes Your iPhone Speed Blazing Fast

Ever want to experience faster speeds with your iDevices? Well i guess i wanted my phone to be fast. I had this feeling that my phone is going slow and it should be rectified. Speed Intensifier is the key to your answer to a faster user experience for your iDevices. Speed Intensifier is actually two tweaks and you can get them all inside Cydia.

The first tweak Speed Intensifier works by removing iOS transition effects. As we know that iDevices are transition heavy with sliding and swiping all through the OS and reducing the time waiting for these to complete can certainly make iDevices noticeably faster.


Apple constantly designs new hardware and firmware to improve speed and enhance user experience. The latest addition to the family of iPhone’s is iPhone 4S and it is the fastest iPhone currently available. Irrespective of the speed provided by iPhone, a speed boost is always welcome. If you are jailbroken, you should be happy that a new Cydia tweak Speed Intensifier is available to give a speed boost to your iPhone.
Speed Intensifier tweak is available in two parts – one part of the tweak installs and works in Settings.app and another part is for Winterboard.

While speed boost is the primary purpose of Speed Intensifier, this tweak has a major drawback too. As the tweak makes your iPhone to work much harder to achieve the speed, it has a negative effect on the battery. Your iPhone battery will drain quickly when you use this tweak. Even though it is a drawback, it should be seen as a compromise.

To download this tweak for free:

1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone.

2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in “StayOpened

3. It’s free in the xSellize, IHR and insanelyi repo.

4. Select it and install it.

5. Respring or reboot your device.

6. You are done to use it.

If you know any other tweaks similar to this one or any other tweak which you might think would be useful to iphone users please let us know.

Blogtechnika will not be responsible if your device gets bricked while using Cydia.

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  1. It does not drain battery at all, it actually increases the battery by opening programs faster so you don’t have to wait long time for it to open. You can put it on infinite speed or -10 it won’t affect the battery in any way.

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