Spigen Cases for LG G4 Gives us a Full Look at the Device

LG is expected to announce their latest flagship device that the LG G4 is, on April 28th this month. The device would be following the likes of LG G3 and the Nexus 5 as the next most anticipated smartphone in the market. While the LG G3 was a stellar device, it failed to really reach the level that the LG G2 had achieved, where last to last year, it was hands down the best Android device one could pick up. Make no mistake, LG had really good devices in this period with the LG G Flex coming out too, which people were really excited about.


This is why it would be brilliant if LG combined all of this and brought it under one roof like it is expected to in the LG G4. Spigen, one of the premier case makers has had a product image leaked out to the web which give us some interesting peek into what the G4 would be like. The image shows that the LG will have a shimmery metallic look, very similar to the LG G3 and a convex sort of a back panel like in the G Flex. Whether the G4 will really flex or not is not very sure yet.

The image also shows the back of the device will be where the power button as well as the place where the volume rocker will be. The device will also have a laser focus light, a bit like what we have seen in the LG G3.

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