Take Note of Online Activity and Share it with Springpad For Android

We have many places on the internet to share our wish lists, interests, knowledge and things that we like. Spaces like StumbleUpon, Pinterest are helping us come across lot of new stuffs and also helping us share our bit. Recipes, books, photographs, creativity and all the things you know and like can be shared and added with Pinterest while StumbleUpon lets you share all the pages you come across and like, be it gadgets, new technological development, some food recipe, a very interesting article on social reforms or any random thing you like. Another such place is Springpad which is running well in the league. Springpad for Android, coming from the springpad.com is definitely something more.


This application does not only lets you share your favorite books, gadgets, articles and more but also helps you with more details on that particular thing you share. For example, if you share some recipe or add a recipe that you like, Springpad will provide you with the Wine pairing for that recipe or if you want to watch a movie and add it, Springpad will provide you with a review from the RottenTomatoes. Cool right? Springpad is all about your collection and the things you would like to save on the way. From your to-do lists to you favorites lists, you have everything. The boards from Pinterest are Notebooks here. Segregate all your collections as per your choice. Here is what the app developers says about this app:

Save anything, from anywhere.
– Collect things you find on the go or on the web.
– Clip an article, snap a photo, scan a barcode, record a voice memo or save a nearby place.
– Access the things you save from any of your devices.

Whatever you save, we’ll make it better.
– Save a restaurant, and we’ll give you a map and reviews.
– Save a movie, and we’ll add Rotten Tomatoes reviews and nearby showtimes.
– Save a recipe, and we’ll create an ingredient list and suggest wine pairings.
– Save a product, and we’ll tell you when there’s a price drop. Get the idea?

Collaborate on notebooks with friends, family and co-workers.
– Invite your family to collect ideas for your upcoming family vacation.
– Invite your foodie friends to share their favorite recipes.
– Invite your spouse to save restaurant and movie ideas for date night.
– Collaborate with co-workers on a project, or collect must-read industry articles.

Look for the preview of the things you add, share them with your friends, family and co-workers, build your followers for each notebook you create and know more by following people too. You can get Springpad for Android from the Play Store, and get back to us on your own review. May be we can check it out on Springpad?

Check out Springpad for Android.

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