Spy Mouse- A Game With a Punch For iPhone

Spy Mouse is an action puzzle game from Firemint and Electronic Arts for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You control a secret agent mouse that is hell bent on eating more cheese and dodge every pesky cat along the way. Finding the best path to each piece of cheese may not always be as easy as it looks.

Spy Mouse is setup a lot like other popular puzzle games on iOS such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. You will have a certain set of levels you can play and only when you finish a certain number of them may you are allowed to move on to more advanced levels.

The first level is a cake walk and is only designed to give you an idea of the gameplay you will have to face throughout the rest of the amazing journey.

Basically, you will control a mouse that wants to grab his cheese and then run out the door to not get caught by the numerous obstacles in his path.

You control the rodent by dragging from him on the screen to his destination where you want him moved. On the first level, simply draw a line from the mouse to the cheese and then out the small mouse door to complete the level.

Once the mouse has exited the level, you will receive your statistics. You are awarded points accordingly. Awards will also be given out at this time, and can be such things as: completing a level within a certain amount of time, not being spotted by any cats, using only one path etc  etc.

You can see what these awards are while playing by hitting the pause button.

Slip past cunning cats with zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups. Survive 6 epic boss battles.You’ll face felines that are easily distracted by televisions; cats that throw streams of shuriken; cats that drive huge mechanized death machines; cats that seem collosal compared to our small agent.

Along the way, you’ll uncover dozens of hidden secrets accessed by nook and cranny, endure clever boss fights and unique levels that test your touchscreen stealth skills. You’ll pop through colored doors that act like portals, moving you puzzle-like through dozens of houses. You’ll use rodent spy gadgets, like a mechanical mouse that disarms mousetraps. The slick presentation of Spy Mouse is really impressive, which drips charm, polish and attention to detail. Its soundtrack is especially noteworthy for its accurate impression of a super spy production.

Spy Mouse is adorable. So Slip into the astounding world of SPY mouse and find out how deep the mouse hole goes. You can download the game here at App Store.

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