Sreenview Lets You Share Your Screen With Multiple Users

Screen sharing is one of the best way to tell others what’s coming on your screen. This can be used to solve many computer related issues. You can also use others computer via remote desktop connection. Also there are many third party applications present. One of the most popular one is TeamViewer.

Suppose you want to share your screen with multiple users (to give some kind of online training) then there are no well known tool available. One of the best tool to use in this purpose is Screenview. This application makes your computer a server and other users can access your screen as a client.


This application works on server client model. You have to install server version of this software on your computer and the user who wants to access your computer’s screen should install the client version.

The main advantage or you can see the limitation of this tool is users can’t control your screen, they can only look your screen whatever is coming on it. So if you are giving online training, this tool come in handy.

To use this tool, note down the random number generated on the tool’s interface. Now pass this information to clients (users who want to connect to your computer). When other user enters this number on the application, he is able to view your screen.

Download Screenview.

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