Standalone Gadgets Provide You With Useful Desktop Widgets For Windows 7

We often use widgets on the desktops of our computer to have an access to easy information right on the hand. We keep a check on the CPU usage, disk space, calendar appointments and various other things using widgets. However, these are usually scattered and there is hardly a set out there which can satisfy all our needs.

But standalone gadgets pack is a wonderful gadget pack that combines various useful gadgets that can find space on your desktop. In a lot of ways these are must haves on your desktop for quick reviewing and information gathering. This set of gadgets brings with it stats, Gmail mail count, battery power, folder shortcuts, Google News updates, date/time display and system resources.

The only drawback of this widget pack is the fact that it is completely ad supportive, having said that, the UI is really well made and the widgets do exactly the job that they are set for. They are pretty light on the CPU and I did not experience any sort of performance lags while using my laptop in real time. The installation is rather simple as all you have to do is launch the file and follow up the simple instructions.

You also have the option of installing just the widgets you require if you feel you do not need the entire pack. The look of the widgets is sober and clean and it pretty much does the job that it sets out to do with minimum fuss.

You can download this pack from: Deviant Art

(Via: Addictivetips)

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