Start Button Making a Comeback in Windows 8.1?

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 last year, not only did they introduce a lot of new things to the OS but subsequently a lot of things that users had grown very accustomed to using, were taken away. None more so than the legendary Start Button. The Button located on the bottom left of the screen which was the go to remedy in case you were stuck or to quickly access the files or programmes on your PC was no more featured in the Windows 8 update. Although a lot of third party softwares are available to bring the button back, but it never could replicate the seamless, out of the box working feel that the button had.

Start Button Windows 8.1

However, Microsoft did confirm that Windows 8.1 is going to come soon, and it looks like the Start button is all set to return. It is a sigh of relief for those who have known using Windows with the button and find things a little awkward having to search for the programmes or apps before launching them. The Start button has a new design though, going with the new logo of Windows which is seen all across Windows 8. But as long as we get the functionality back, you could add an Apple logo there for all we care, no maybe, not the Apple logo, but you get the drift.

It is also reported that the Start Menu will use the desktop wallpaper as the background to make it look more integrated and also there will be an option in Windows 8.1 to directly boot to the desktop screen skipping away the Live Tiles of the Metro UI which lays over the desktop. All these though, still are rumours and nothing can be confirmed till the first release of Windows 8.1 does come out.

Via: The Verge

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