StatusBright allows you to Adjust the brightness on your iPhone from Status Bar

While the iPhone comes with a rather effective ambient sensor to help with auto brightness, most of us like to have brightness controlled manually. This usually means dimming the brightness all the way down in low light like night or raising it all the way up during the day. While, this is easily possible to be done with the new Control Center in iOS 7, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, then things could be even easier. With the help of a Cydia tweak called StatusBright, you no more will have to reach for the bottom of your screen for controlling or changing the brightness.


StatusBright is a simple Cydia tweak where all you need to do to increase the brightness of your screen is to swipe from left to right. the tweak is extremely easy to use and there is no real setting that you have to configure once you have downloaded it. Similarly, swiping from right to left will reduce the brightness of your screen.

The tweak is available for free from ModmyI repo. However, the only issue we faced with the tweak was that while we were pulling down the Notification center from the top, it triggered the tweak and adjusted the brightness even if we did not want it to do the same. Apart from that, the tweak works effortlessly and really adds a degree of comfort for the user.

(via: iphonefaq)

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