Step By Step Process Of Making Money With Your Blog

Blogging is an ultimate source of money. One can make a decent amount of money in a short period of Blogging. People usually ask questions that how can we make money in a shortest possible moment?

There is no shortcut exist on the earth. There are lots of hard work involve behind making online money. People need quick results in a short span of time. There is no magic exist in the World which can make your blog a money generating machine.


Remember that when a blogger starts his blog from the scratch there is no traffic on the blog, even every big blogger face the same situation, they also struggle with the traffic, few hundred traffic is enough to boost their confidence. They get very few comments in the starting phase of blog.

It is advisable to new bloggers whose blogs are only two to three months old didn’t get any expectation to make online money. It is highly recommended to bring some traffic on their blog first before thinking of making online money.

So before you know how to make money through your blog you should know how to bring traffic to your blog.

Blog Traffic is Directly Proportional To Blog Income

Imagine a blog without any traffic, do you ever imagine income from a blog without traffic. If you can imagine then you must not know the ways of making money online.

Blogging is a Process

Blogging is a step by step Process where you grow your blog through various methods. Don’t expect any first income through Google Adsense because earning through Adsense difficult is a very difficult process. In starting you should not expect very   large income. I experienced from my earlier blog post the traffic of more than thousand visitors is necessary to generate a decent Adsense income.

Improve your rank

Ranking is very necessary to define the credibility of blog. There are various ranking systems available for the blog. The most common ranking systems are Alexa Rank and Google Pagerank. Though there are lots of questions raised by bloggers on Alexa ranking system.


SEO is the most crucial part for any blog. If the blog SEO is perfect then you can get more than you actually do. There are lots of methods for improving site SEO. Making back links is one of the famous methods to improve SEO. Commenting is another way to make back links but remember not to spam other blogs through cheap marketing.

Guest Post and Subscriber

Guest post is another better way to attract visitors on your blog. The credibility of blog is decided from blog subscribers and guest posting is a nice way to enhance your blog subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is something very hard for any newbie. It requires lots of hard work and tactics. Affiliate marketing is possible only with a well established blog because people only trust on established blog. There are lots of techniques through which you can make your blog an affiliate earning engine. Here are few tips for affiliate marketing on blogs


It is almost impossible to earn money through your blog in starting phase but when you start earning it will be easier to you to gain income and subscriber. Never felt down with your early performance. Do hard work, try to increase blog visitors by commenting on others blog and guest posting. These are the best strategy to gain subscribers. You needapproximately six months to start earning decently only if you are regular and hard-working. Remember once again that there is no substitute of hard work.

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  1. Six months is about right when you talk about the blog starting to earn money. The most signifficant thing is to first get out of the google sandbox and only after then you will get a reasonable amount of visitors from google.

    After you are out of the sandbox the amount of content you write will be the most important factor in how much you earn.

    Thanks for the post
    .-= Bloggeri @ Blog Handbook´s last blog ..How Often Should You Post? =-.

  2. Blogging is fastest money making source right? But is not too easy to make money from blog.It takes more efforts, concentration,dedication,informative interest and more tricks and tips.So some newbie bloggers fails to make money and they quit blogging.They don’t involves completely into blogging.
    What do you think ?
    .-= Surender Sharma´s last blog ..Display a Customized Coming Soon Page On Your WordPress Blog =-.

    • Completely agree with you Surender, There is no substitute of hard work but interest should at the top, without interest no one can reach at the top. Many folks start blogging to make money. They don’t realize the hard work involve behind making of these incredible high traffic blog, Blogging should done in a proper strategy which involve research, non stop writing, promotion and then it come making money. Blogging is like rocket science, initially it requires escape velocity to go into the space but after that it need no extra force. Blogging require kick ass hard work in start and when it reach at the top it automatically find subscribers and visitors.

  3. But in the end I would like to say “Never Lose Patience”
    .-= John Samuel´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Firefox! It’s 5 years of Happy Browsing =-.

  4. Thanks sir providing such a useful information information for me. But i would like to say if you have unique content and well promote your blog then in no time you will be able to make money form blogging. i started blogging only to make money.
    .-= Vivek´s last blog ..10 Places From Where You Can Downlaod Movies =-.

  5. My site is almost a yr old have adsense infolinks burstads txt links ads but not much of revenue.. get awesome traffic of 2k per day .What shud i do yaar

    • Hi sid, I saw your blog, its really nice, I am amazed that you are not getting response from such a huge traffic, I think you should go for experiment with your ads, place your ads between the post with the help of Quick adsense Plugin, you can apply for buy sell ads and enter in the field of affiliate marketing, may be this will help you. All the best to you and your blog. Keep Rocking.

      • my site was not accepted in buysellads now i ll reapply re.. yes i am planning to start affliate but need 2 do some research…agar tips hai tho blog karna will be helpful for me
        .-= sid´s last blog ..Free Mobile App for Android released by Adobe =-.

  6. Is this step-by-step-process-of-making-money-with-your-blog or the difficulties in making money with your blog? I just want to tell you that at very first glanse title says something different than what is written.
    By the way, article and comments shared by readers are inspirational regarding how difficult is making money with the new blog. It’s pretty clear and honest to it’s readers.

    • @Pawan Actually its both, without telling difficulties involved in making of money making blog is like fooling our readers. I decided the topic after long discussion with myself (previously I thought another title). I told all the steps any newbie should perform to make money, many newbie enter in the field of affiliate marketing without any traffic and they waste their precious time. Content is the king, no one can take place of it. I want to give message that dont waste your time in stupid marketing promotions, rather doing hard work.

  7. i too believe that you need atleast six months so that your blog can flourish…. expecting a lot before this time period is bit of day dreaming
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Get a Free Review at IndianCashMaker =-.

  8. I saw many blogs growth..Most of them rise after one year. And their is sudden boost in traffic. That boost is more then 50-100 times or even more.

    • This is a very tough question to answer. Because answer depends totally on niche of a blog. If visitors are those people who know very well about Google adsense stuff then they rarely click on the ads. It also depends on your marketing style. A guy is making 800$- 1000$ by his incomparable marketing still while a second blogger who has a same niche and having same number of visitor is earning nothing from affiliate marketing.

      So we can say that it is not necessary that the same technique work for all the blog.

      • Agreed! But… while asking the question above, i didn’t mean/include affiliate marketing as one of the money earner for your blog.

        Talking about niche blogging, it’s a real concern that getting other webmasters to click on your Adsense block can prove to be a real day-dream. That is one reason why I like to reply more on the direct Banner Ads.
        .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Google Chrome OS due Next Week! Real or Rumor? =-.

  9. Nice write up. How many months did it take you to start earning a significant income? It took me quite some time when I started out on Twi5, I had made it a point not to put up adsense or any other shit like that in the beginning. My aim was to put up “Subscribe” links wherever possible so that I gain as many new feed subscribers as possible.
    .-= Nischal Shetty´s last blog ..ShopperTalk – twitter for shoppers =-.

  10. True. It takes time. A lot of people give up early. But it is impressive that you have done it. Congratulations. Came to this from Harsh’ blog. You wrote a guest post at his blog. That is how I found you. I guess guest posting works! 🙂
    .-= Paramendra Bhagat´s last blog ..Technorati 100 =-.

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