Steve Jobs to Appear on US Postage Stamp in 2015

He was a visionary and a man who changed the way we know gadgets and interact with them. First with personal computer and then with mobile phone, it is not wrong to credit that Steve was the man who lead the digital revolution that both you and me are able to find all around us. It is correctly said that after perhaps Walt Disney he was the man our century.

Steve Jobs

It is no wonder, that a man so great has been showered with accolades unlimited. Now, after his death the United States have decided to honor him with one of the gestures that is pretty much reserved for the legends only. US is set to release a postage stamp in the year 2015 which will feature the face of Steve Jobs on it. The Washington Post have obtained a document which lists the subjects that will appear on the official stamp.

The design of the stamp, including the image of Steve on it have not been finalised yet, and will be done in due course. The Washington Post also reveals that apart from Steve there are a few other people on the deck of being finalised such as:

Still on deck 2014 are NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain, slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk, rock singer Janis Joplin and guitarist Jimi Hendrix and a stamp featuring celebrity chefs. Some of the highlights for 2015: soul singer James Brown, late-night TV host Johnny Carson and a reissue of Elvis Presley, the Postal Service’s top-selling stamp, released with a value of 29 cents  in 1993.

Do share with us what you feel about a Steve Jobs stamp and if it is an appropriate gesture to commemorate the great man.

Via: The Washington Post

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