Stick Hero is an Addictive Mobile Game that you Must Play

We have had our fair share of games that we have been addictive to in the past. From the likes of Angry Birds to the most recent Flappy Birds, mobile games have been the best way to kill time when it comes to being unproductive. Every quarter, one game comes along which is supremely simple and easy to play and yet you have no idea why you are so addicted to it for literally hours. One game we feel could be the next such thing, is Stick Hero.

Stick Hero

Stick Hero as the name suggests is all about sticks. The game play is ridiculously simple, yet challenging. You need to build bridges with the help of sticks that can grow in size when you tap the screen. The challenge is that you can only resize the sticks in vertical direction and after letting the resizing go, the stick should fall within the perimeter of the next support to complete a bridge. Falling short or over extending the bridge will ensure that your hero falls off.

The game is available for both iOS and Android and has a free version although accompanied with Ads. The graphics are minimal and the game is very much in the category of Flappy Birds when it comes to simplifying everything. You definitely must try the game out and post your high scores in the comment section below.

Download Stick Hero for Android

Download Stick Hero for iOS

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