Sticky Notes Wallpaper For Android

Since the beginning of time man has always made record of things he needs to do by writing them down. In fact today in the busy world that we all live in, its actually impractical to feel that we would remember everything that we should do, and as a result sticky notes are very popular.

They are everywhere, on books, on our windows desktops or even walls. So how could we implement these on our android devices? A rather simple way to do is have them on as live wallpapers. Sticky Notes Live Wallpaper for Android is a perfect solution to this problem. It lets you set up to five different notes as a live wallpaper.


This is indeed a very handy thing to do as your note or thing to do is right there in front of your eye continuously. So now, if your wife tells you to pick something from the groceries on your way back home, this is a rather easy way to put it on your screen so that you do not forget that.

You can set about five different notes as a part of your live wallpaper so it gives you ample notes to save. Even though it is still in beta, sticky notes wallpaper works very well, it currently supports the resolutions 480×800, 320×480 and 240×320 and is available only for devices running android 2.1 +. It also comes with two different themes that can be used, a summer one and an Android one.

Download Sticky Notes Live Wallpaper [via AddictiveTips].

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