Subscribe to Web Pages Easily with RSS Subscription Chrome Extension

RSS Subscription is an authorized Google Chrome extension that allows users to subscribe to pages that allow RSS subscription by displaying an RSS icon in the address bar. On some pages it can be difficult to find how to subscribe to the page. But with this extension, it all becomes much easier.

rss sub

This extension is authorized by Google itself and is safe for use on the browser. Once this is installed, just restart your browser and from then onwards, if a page you open allows for RSS subscription, then the subscription icon will appear in the address bar from where you can select the reader you want to use to subscribe to the page.

The extension comes with 4 feed readers predefined, Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and MyYahoo but allows you to add any number of feed readers of your choosing. You can do this by going to the options menu under the extensions tab of the Chrome browser. Here you will see a list of all the feed readers that you can view your feeds on.

rss subsciption

To add new feeds, just click add and a dialog box will appear. Give the name of the feed reader and its URL and click save. This will add the readers of your choice to the extension.

rss add

Download RSS subscription for Google Chrome.

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