Supposed Frame of the iPhone 6 Leaked?

It has barely been two months since the launch of the iPhone 5s, the latest and the greatest iPhone but the rumors for the next iteration are already making news. The rumor mill has always been aggressive when it comes to Apple products simply because they have been the market leader in innovation and rightly regarded the trend setters. However, so far Apple has always maintained that one handed operation of iPhones has been one of the major design decisions which they have kept in the rule books when designing new iPhones.


With iPhone 6 set to release later this year, there is quite a lot of noise that Apple will finally give in and we will have a larger iPhone giving those giant Android buddies something to think about. If the leaked image is to be believed then the next iPhone would feature an even slimmer profile, which in itself is crazy to think, and the size of the device may well be much bigger than the current 4 inch iPhone 5s.

However, several of these leaks have proven to be baseless and incorrect in the past so we are not holding any breath for a larger iPhone. However, as the time passes on, expect more leaks and information on the next iPhone.

Via: Weibo

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