Surface Mini to be Unveiled on May 20th in New York

While iPad may be running away with all the accolade possible in the tablet industry, you can just feel a desperate attempt from just about every OEM in the tablet industry to try and overhaul the Cupertino giants. Samsung has been releasing tablets after tablets in a queue that seems never ending while the likes of Asus have entered a partnership with likes of Google to produce Nexus lineup of devices. While the sales of iPad were lower than expected when Apple announced the Q1 2014 results recently, it was still the tablet of choice of users as Tim Cook made a case for it being the most used Tablet out there.

Surface Mini Invite

Another player in the game that we have almost forgotten about it is Microsoft with its Surface line of tablets. The original Surface and the Surface 2 were failures, lets put it straight. In fact, in one of our conversations with an owner of Ms Surface he told us, “I would not even wish the Surface for my enemy”. Yes, it is that bad. However, Microsoft is set to change this or at  least attempt to as it sets to bring the Surface Mini to market on May 20th.

The tablet will follow the footsteps of the popular iPad Mini and Nexus 7 and come in a small-ish form factor. The tablet is expected to be an 8 inch tablet with an ARM based processor. An accidental leak on Amazon by Microsoft recently gave away the intentions of a smaller tablet here. Though the press invite mentions the word ‘small’ pretty clearly and that it is a private gathering may hint that there is something beyond what we are expecting here. Whatever it is, we will find out in another two weeks time.


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