Sweet Dreams Makes Your Phone Silent While You Sleep

Ringing mobile phone at night in the mid of sleep is annoying for anyone. Changing mode of mobile from normal to silent manually is not possible for everyone. It would be great if your phone could automatically changes it settings from normal to silent at night. Android app Sweet Dreams does the same.

It is a nifty app which performs the action according to settings. Install this app from the Android store and run it. Go to the General sleep mode settings. Here you can set ring mode to silent in sleep time. Also you can tell it to on or off your screen while you sleep. There is option to disable Wi-fi and bluetooth while you sleep.  You have to tell this app about your sleep time and wake up time.


Move to the Motion tab and activate the filter. It means whenever you wake up from the sleep and move your phone, it automatically goes to normal state (sleep mode turns off). You can set the sensitivity to Medium so that it could not turn on the phone while you move slightly in the night.


Other feature includes Location settings. Go to Location tab and set your sleeping location. Whenever you take your phone to that location, it will automatically go into the sleep mode.

Overall this is an amazing app that helps you in maintaining your sleeping routine as well as save battery of your mobile phone. If you are someone who don’t bother to attend calls at night then this app is definitely for you. It comes free of cost.

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