How To Switch To HTML5 View in YouTube

You all might aware of the fact that YouTube video needs flash player to run. But latest HTML5 technology killed the constraint and allows users to switch to HTML5 player and play all the videos normally. If you are not aware of HTML5, here’s a nice introduction by Wikipedia.

Sometimes your browser automatically plays YouTube videos using HTML5 (if YouTube set it to default), but if it not, you can enable the experimental feature for YouTube. This experimental feature can be tested on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9 beta, Firefox 4 beta etc.

Activating the player on browser is easy. Visit YouTube HTML5 Video Player and at the bottom, click on the link Join the HTML5 trial. That’s it. Now play any YouTube video, it would be played via HTML5 player instead of flash.


How to check if YouTube video is playing through HTML5 or Flash

There are two methods to check it. First method is to check the progress bar. If HTML5 is written there then the video is playing through HTML5 player. If nothing written there then it is playing through the flash player.

Second method is right-click method. Right click on the video and you’ll get some options. If you’ll get only two options i.e. “save video as” and “about HTML5” then YouTube is using HTML5 player and if you get more than two options then flash player is performing its work.

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